For all companies worldwide, the quest for high quality products and services has clearly become a key point for business competitiveness. Among the numerous approaches used for improving the quality, Statistical Process Monitoring (SPM) plays a particularly important role. Furthermore, nowadays, the use of SPM methods is not restricted to industrial and business fields. SPM methods may be also used in many other fields (health, environment, etc) providing new opportunities for research.

All around the world, there are many researchers who are developing new SPM methods, trying to implement them into real situations and publishing the results into international peer refereed journals. But, surprisingly, for these researchers, there were no periodic meetings dedicated solely to this topic until July 2009, when the 1st International Symposium on Statistical Process Control (ISSPC 2009) was organized in Nantes, France.

At the closing session, the participants decided to make ISSPC biennial, launching the ISSPC series of conferences. The 2nd ISSPC was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in July 2011 The the 3rd ISSPC was held in Piraeus, Greece, in July 2013.

At the closing session in Piraeus, the participants decided to hold the 4th meeting in Padua and proposed to change the name in International Symposium on Statistical Process Monitoring (ISSPM).

All SPM related topics are of interest and in particular: